5 Ways to Lose Weight with Technology: Lose Weight and Get Fit with Your Phone

How to Use Technology to Help You Lose Weight

How to Use Technology to Help You Lose WeightWhen it comes to weight management, technology can get a pretty bad reputation. While spending too much time sitting down and playing video games can certainly run counter to your exercise goals, embracing technology can also strengthen any weight loss program you have in place. Here are some simple ways you can use technology to help you lose weight and keep the pounds off!


GoogleWith a search engine such as Google at your fingertips, finding information has never been quicker. Gone are the days of needing to shell out for expensive recipe books or trying to hunt down exercise ideas.

Additionally, you can learn how to create a simple weight loss spreadsheet in Google Sheets and keep track of your ups and downs on the move.

Social Media

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Harnessing social media to help you on your weight loss journey might just be the smartest move you can make. Facebook is a superb starting point and there are many so ways in which you can make the community aspect of this social network pay off for you:

  • Take action and post your goals. Motivate yourself by giving yourself an added incentive to follow through
  • Join appropriate groups
  • Take part in fitness competitions

Although you might not naturally associate Twitter with losing weight, a huge number of dieters take advantage of the immediacy of this channel to do exactly that. Brie Turner McGrievy, an American health researcher, reported that 15,000 people a day tweet about weight loss. The subsequent study she conducted demonstrated a strong link between publicizing your goals and progress on Twitter and consistently losing weight.

A similar study from Kaiser Permanente in the U.S. showed that logging your food intake can double weight loss. Why not give tweeting a try some time? There’s nothing to lose except maybe a few pounds.


mobile-apps-pile-ss-1920Smartphones have now replaced TVs and computers as the most important screen for most users. The smartphone continues to dominate our online activity. It makes sense to use the power of what’s within easy reach to help with keeping that weight down.

With over 10,000 weight loss apps, you really are spoiled for choice. Here are a few that are particularly useful for different reasons that will be a big help for achieving any weight loss goals.

  • My Fitness Pal: This app helps you break down your goals into achievable chunks, access nutritional information and share your progress with friends.
  • Nike Training Club: This app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. It’s designed specifically for women, and includes audio-only workout recording you can use at any time.
  • You can choose from an array of wrist devices that sync with an app to monitor your movements and sleeping patterns and chart your progress with ease.
  • Lose It!: Pair your Health-O-Meter scale with the Lose It! app and make your data tracking fuss-free. From your calorie intake and exercise routine right through to how much you sleep, using the scale and app in tandem can keep you moving forward even on those days when it seems like an uphill struggle.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want a weight loss app that can track your progress and provide you with useful information on your weight loss journey. You don’t want something that you’re beholden to or that you have to hand your life over to. Be careful about your privacy and consider using a VPN on your smartphone to keep your personal information safe.


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With over two million blog posts published every single day, the blogosphere is certainly showing no signs of dying out. If you are creatively inclined and fancy setting up an online journal of your weight loss program, it’s never been more straightforward. Matthew Woodward outlines here how to set up a blog. Including pictures and videos is a great way to incorporate a visual record of your progress.

If you are prone to binge eating, having a worthwhile outlet to focus on instead is one way to fight back against the temptation to snack. Keeping a blog is a great avenue to vent your frustrations, celebrate your successes and help others while you help yourself. It’s a real win-win.

Weight Loss Sites

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While many people get a great deal of benefit from attending dieting groups, others prefer an online membership. With many weight loss sites, you can enjoy forums and support groups. You can access huge volumes of information organized to make things simple for you.

Many of the larger organized weight management companies provide dedicated, online-only weight loss programs. You can get access to live chats when you need it, a mobile app, recipes, an eating plan that works and much more. Something like this could be really helpful for someone looking for a little more structure to their weight loss program.

Wrap Up

Anyone managing their weight will know that there are no meaningful short cuts. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, stick to reasonable portions and exercise adequately, you have everything in place to lose weight and keep it off. This is a positive though. You know what you need to do, and there’s no magic bullet to achieve this. However, how you get there is an entirely different matter.

We hope the tips today about using technology for weight loss come in handy. When you are trying to lose weight, every little helps. Please feel free to ask any questions or offer up your feedback. We’re always delighted to hear from our readers.

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