Ab Ripper X – Everything You Need To Know

buy-p90x-3pymtsTime to get ripped! Millions of people are fixated on figuring out how to get set of ripping abs for the beach, but many of them just don’t know the right exercises for the job. Tony Horton’s answer to the eternally burning question of how to get that coveted washboard stomach is Ab Ripper X. Essentially, Ab Ripper X is exactly what it sounds like: the ultimate test of tough love for those abdominal muscles that people desperately want to see the light of day. Every single ounce of strength in the core is pushed to the limit for both endurance and explosive power.

The exercises making up Ab Ripper X collectively demand a highly diverse range of movements, and each of them require repeated dynamic contractions of the core. While on the ground, both your upper and lower body will depend entirely upon your core to serve as a strong central hub of power to keep your ligaments suspended in the air for several seconds at a time. Your core will strengthen significantly after it has been trained to single-handedly bear the bulk of your body weight.

Ab Ripper : The Brutally Honest Truth About P90x


  • – Muscular growth in the abdominal muscles will result in much better definition over time.
  • – Power and balance for all physically abilities will be improved due to a tighter and tougher core


  • -There is a risk of overexertion. Torn abdominal muscles can be very slow to recover, extremely painful, and inhibit all different kinds of movement. Exercise caution and respect your limits.

Ab Ripper X FAQ

Q: “Will Ab Ripper X really give me ripped abs?”

A: Ab Ripper X is an effective strength training and muscle defining program for all different sections of the core, though the best results will only be acquired if the program is paired with proper recovery and smart dietary choices.

Q:“Do I need to be a master of ab exercises to start?”

A: Ab Ripper X is a perfectly feasible program for all different fitness skill levels. Certain exercises demand a higher degree of flexibility than others, but participants are encouraged to only stretch as far as they can comfortably maintain their form.

Q: “How often should I do Ab Ripper X?”

A: Because the core muscles are both slow to develop and slow to recover from injury, it is strongly advised not to do Ab Ripper X more than 3 times a week at maximum.

What Are The Ab Ripper X Exercises?

1. In-and-Outs

In-and-OutsThe first exercise in the Ab Ripper X lineup will be the in-and-out. The in-and-out can be performed by sitting with your legs extended in front of you, slightly elevated above the ground, and then bringing your knees to your chest. Keep your back upright with your hands in the air, and then straighten your legs back out with as much control as possible to complete the repetition.

2. Bicycles

BicyclesBicycles are performed in the same position as ins-and-outs, though instead of bringing both knees to the chest and extending them once again, repetitions will be completed by kicking the legs in a circular motion that resembles pedaling a bicycle. After the first set of repetitions has been completed, a second set of bicycles will be done in reverse.

3. Crunchy Frog

Crunchy FrogThe crunchy frog exercise resembles the ins-and-outs, though when bringing your knees back to your chest, take your arms and hug the tops of your knees as tightly as possible before releasing them back into an extended position.

4. Cross-Leg/Wide-Leg Sit-Up

Crunchy FrogLay flat on back with your legs spread out in a wide “V” shape with your toes facing the ceiling. Slowly sit up to either your left or right and extend your opposite arm to the opposite foot, trying your best to reach the top of your toes with your fingers. After completing the sit up to one side, return to your lying-down position before rising to the other side and reaching to the other leg with your opposite arm. Sitting up to both the right and the left both count as separate repetitions.

5. Fifer Scissors

Crunchy FrogWhile lying on your back, keep one leg slightly elevated above the ground in an extended position, and straighten the other leg upwards towards the ceiling; both legs should form close to a 90-degree angle. With every second, lower your raised leg while raising the other leg towards ceiling. Try your best to keep both legs as straight as possible throughout the duration of the exercise. Fifer scissors are considered to be one of the more challenging exercises in the program for beginners, and so if you must, you may allow your knees to bend ever so slightly as long as you can maintain your form.

6. Hip Rock and Raise

Hip Rock and RaiseWhile laying on your back, keep your legs and feet to bent together in a butterfly stretch position, with your knees pointing in opposite directions. While maintaining the distance between your legs, roll backwards and push your hips off the ground. Flex your core to keep your legs steady as they rock back and forth.

7. Pulse Up

Pulse UpPulse ups will utilize the same position and core exertion as hip rock and raises to push your lower body into the air, though in this exercise, your legs should be extended as straight as possible towards the ceiling for each repetition.

8. V-Up Roll-Up

V-Up Roll-UpLower your straightened legs to the ground with your arms at your sides, almost as though you are standing at attention while lying on the ground. Slowly rise into an upright seated position while extending both of your arms to the tops of your toes. After touching the toes, slowly let your back return to the ground, with your arms still extended, and follow this motion by raising your straightened legs up at a 45-degree angle towards the ceiling. Compressed the core to bring the tips of your fingers to your toes once more in midair, and then return to your initial position to complete the repetition.

9. Oblique V-Ups

Oblique V-UpsRoll over to either your left or right side, with your opposite hand placed behind your head and the elbow pointed towards the ceiling; the other arm should remain flat at your side, as with the V-up roll-up position. Flex the core so that your elbow can touch the inside of the ceiling-facing knee, and return to the initial position to complete the repetition. Complete set of repetitions on both sides.

10. Leg Climbs

Leg ClimbsWhile on your back, extend one leg straight to the ceiling and “climb” it with both arms until you can place both hands on the sole of the foot. The less times that you grab your leg to climb it, the more challenging it will be. Switch to the other leg after the first set is completed.

11. Mason Twists

Mason Twists

Return to a seated position that resembles the initial position used for ins-and-outs, though your knees should be slightly bent and your hands should be clasped together in front of the chest. While keeping your legs suspended above the floor, twist over to the left and right and place your clasped fist on the ground next to your hips with each turn.

Ab Ripper X is not an exercise routine that is meant to be done every single day, but just a few sessions a week are more than enough to get your abs into fighting fit shape. Those who are able to push through the pain will find the results highly rewarding.

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