The Best Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

What is Charcoal Mask?

Charcoal MaskA charcoal peel off mask is a facial mask that is made with activated charcoal as the primary ingredient. Most people use it to get rid of blackhead, but it may also be used to cleanse the face, unclog the pores, and remove other skin impurities. Some ingredients will be included to make the mask stick to the face when you apply it.

They have a dark black color, which is the color of the main ingredient; charcoal. A lot of beauty experts consider charcoal a vital ingredient that can suck out dirt, grime, and other toxins that cause blackheads and acne.

How To Make A Charcoal Mask

Making your own charcoal mask for regular use is possible. When you are making the peel-off mask, the key is to find the right ingredients and use the right procedure. Here is a guide to making your charcoal-based facial mask.

Skin Peel-Off Masks with All Natural Ingredients
There is no strict rule on what ingredients you should include in your homemade facial mask. However, the ingredient you choose must be effective and harmless to your skin. We have assembled a few ingredients that can help you with your facial mask. Here is a look at them:

  • One teaspoon of activated charcoal powder. You can purchase the activated charcoal powder in your local store or online. Alternatively, you may use the regular charcoal you use in your grill, but it will not draw out the toxins from the skin. That is why it is recommended to use activated charcoal.
  • A teaspoon of bentonite clay. Usually, bentonite clay is extracted from matured volcanic ash sediment. It also helps to trap toxins from the skin naturally.
  • A half teaspoon of raw honey. Honey has a lot of benefits to the skin. It softens and soothes the skin, and it is a natural antibacterial as well.
  • Two teaspoons of water. Water helps to dampen the ingredients and allow easy application of the mask.
  • One drop of lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil. You’ll need one drop of each essential oil, though it is not a must. Essential oils have been used for a long time to purify the skin and also eliminate other skin impurities. Lavender, in this case, promotes the skin texture and health, while tea tree oil contains antimicrobial properties.

Keep in mind that you can use the essential oil of your choice. Every essential oil has its own benefit, so ensure you understand them well.

How to Make Your Own Charcoal Mask

How To Make A Charcoal MaskOnce you have assembled the ingredients, you can start preparing the mask. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Add water and the essential oils in a small bowl. Ideally, use a glass bowl for the ingredients to mix properly.
  2. Scatter the bentonite clay over the mixture and let it stay for around 10 to 15 seconds. This will allow the clay to mix with the water-essential oil blend naturally.
  3. Add the charcoal using the similar approach to bentonite clay, and finally, add the raw honey. Allowing the clay and charcoal to absorb naturally will make it easy to mix them.
  4. Mix all the ingredients using a rubber spatula. Ensure that you smash thoroughly to prevent the clay from having lumps. Do this until the mixture forms a thick and soft paste.
  5. Now you are ready to apply it to the face.

Since this is a homemade mask, you will need to use it only once. It lacks preservatives, so do not store it once you have used it.

How To Use Charcoal Mask

Using a charcoal mask is similar to how you would use any other facial mask. Here is how you should use your mask.

Step One: Wash your Face

This is one thing that a lot of people ignore when using the facial mask. If you apply the mask to your face without cleaning, it will not work as expected. When the ingredients in the mask get in contact with the make-up on your face, they may have a bad reaction. As a result, you may develop other skin conditions.

Preferably, wash your face with warm water and a mild soap to get rid of the makeup, oil, and dirt. After that, ensure that you dry it with a clean towel.

Step Two: Apply the Mask

Now that the face is clean and dry, you can apply the face around your face using your fingers. As you apply the mask, make sure that it doesn’t get in your eyes. Give the mask around 15 minutes to dry on the face. You may add another layer once the first layer dries completely.

Step Three: Peel it/Wash it Off

After the mask dries, peel it or wash it off the face. With the homemade charcoal mask, it may lack ingredients that makes it papery/sticky when it is dry. If it cannot peel off, use warm water to wash it off. Use your regular facial soap and water to wash off the mask.

Since the charcoal peel off mask is a one-time use remedy, measure the ingredients in small amounts. Also, you can use it once or twice every day for optimal results.

Tips to Use Charcoal Mask For Best Skin Care Results!

When making the charcoal mask, you need to be extra careful. Here are some tips to help you as you prepare the charcoal-based facial mask:

  • Tips to Use Charcoal MaskClean the charcoal off the sink and table area immediately you are done.
  • Keep it away from the clothes. Charcoal stains light fabrics easily, so ensure you keep them away.
  • If you have dry skin or if you feel the skin dry after you wash off the mask, you can apply some oil or your regular face lotion when you are done.
  • Use a dark-colored face towel to wash off the mask. Most of the DIY charcoal-based masks will be difficult to remove once they dry off. For that, use a washcloth to wash the mask off the face. A dark-colored towel is the best choice because it will hide the stains.
  • You may use a facial mask brush, but using your fingers will give you better control when applying the mask.

Dangers Of Peel-Off Charcoal Masks

Yes, the charcoal-based facial masks are ideal for getting rid of skin blemishes. Nonetheless, they do have some side effects. Here is what some doctors had to say about the dangers of charcoal-based facial mask:

  • They are painful to peel off: First off, the manufactured charcoal-based facial masks contain glue, which makes it stick to the face. Once you have applied it, the mask will dry off and stick to the face. Now the problem comes when you want to peel it off.

You will experience a lot of pain, depending on the mask. Also, when the glue-based mask dries on your facial hair, it can pull them off, you can imagine the kind of pain you would experience.

  • It can give you a red face: Some users claim that they had a red face with welts after peeling off the mask. The reason for this is not clear, but some suggest that it could be a result of a chemical burn. It is advised to go through the ingredients and ask your dermatologist to help you identify a face mask that is safe to use.
  • It may cause hypopigmentation: Hypopigmentation is a skin condition that develops when there is insufficient melanin count in the skin. Here, the skin will have several patches. Some dermatologists claim that the wrong charcoal mask can cause permanent hypopigmentation to people with dark skin.
  • It can cause scars on the face: When you peel off the mask, it can leave some scars on your face, which might be painful too. This is common to people with sensitive skin.

The face masks that have a lot of problems are those from unknown manufacturers. Before you purchase any charcoal-based mask, ensure that you research about the brand. Also, talk to your dermatologist to help you find a certified facial charcoal peel off mask.

Astrid Skin Solution: The Ultimate Facial Skin Care

astrid-black-head-remover-sctt-banner Must read : Blackhead Mask: The Best Mask For Blackheads

Astrid Skin Solution is an innovative peel-off mask that has been designed to eliminate blackheads and other facial skin blemishes. It also cleanses the skin pores to give you a glowing and young-looking skin. The developers state that they use natural ingredients to make the mask effective and safe to use on your skin. The natural ingredients will start working as soon as you apply the mask.

For that, the mask will work in only a few minutes. You won’t have to wait for days or hours to eliminate the stubborn blackheads. Other than eliminating the blackheads, the Astrid Skin Solution will give you a lighter skin tone.

How Does It Work?

First off, when using this mask, you simply follow the regular method of applying a facial mask. The facial mask contains ingredients that suck out the bacteria and blackhead from the skin pores. The ingredients also cleanse your face by eliminating the dirt and excess oil on the skin. This way, you will have an improved complexion.

The mask will suck the bacteria and blackhead, which will stick to it. As you pull the mask off, the blemishes will be removed as well. This will leave you with a clean and blemish-free skin.

Why Should You Consider Using Astrid Skin Solution?
  • The mask is easy to apply
  • It removes blackheads, pimples, and other blemishes.
  • It can improve the skin complexion
  • This mask offers a deep cleanse to the skin pores
  • It works just in a couple of minutes
  • You will have a tender and young-looking skin
What’s All The Buzz About These Charcoal Masks?

Why Should You Consider Using Astrid Skin Solution?The manufacturers haven’t specified the exact price of the product. However, they do mention that it is among the cheapest on the market. They sell it at an offer, where you can use a coupon code to get a discount. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so there is nothing to lose.

According to the user reviews and testimonials, this product is worth buying. It does more than eliminating blackheads and pimples from your face. The mask also improves your facial skin health and complexion. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you do not experience the results as promised, you will still get your money back.

In the recent times, a lot of charcoal-based facial masks have emerged on the market. We mentioned that activated charcoal is the primary ingredient in these masks. So really, why is activated charcoal a valuable ingredient in facial skin care products?

Exclusive Offer For Our Readers

Exclusive Offer For Our Readers

First off, activated charcoal is another term given to charcoal that has gone through a special heating process. The aim of applying the special heat is to make the charcoal porous. Since the {activated} charcoal is porous, it makes it able to absorb the impurities that are almost twice its weight. Also, it can reach out to the impurities in the skin deeper than other ingredients.

They can offer a better cleansing of the skin, more than the regular skin care products. Activated charcoal can also absorb the excess oil, which then gives you a less-shiny face.

When you find a mask with activated charcoal and bentonite clay, the results are even better. Here, the mask will start sucking out the blemishes almost instantly. Another good thing is that charcoal and bentonite clay mix easily. The two also help to solve skin discoloration, which gives you a light-tone skin as well. So everybody is talking about activated charcoal-based facial masks. It is clear why there is so much hype surrounding these unique facial masks.

Are These Masks Worth Using? Which One Should I Buy?

Now that you know a lot about the charcoal-based masks, it is good to ask if they will work or not. Honestly, they will work. However, not all the masks on the market will work as promised. Some counterfeit products contain uncommon and harsh ingredients, which might cause a negative effect to your skin.

If you are afraid of using any manufactured charcoal mask, you can opt for the home-based mask. However, if you don’t have time to prepare the mask at home, go for a good mask that will work effectively without exposing your skin to any harm. We recommend Astrid Skin Solution because it is a decent product that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. But if you have a favorite charcoal peel off mask, ensure that you talk to your dermatologist to help you evaluate its safety and effectiveness.

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