Cruise Control Diet Reviews – Does it Work?

The Cruise Control Diet – What To Eat and What To Avoid

The Cruise Control Diet - What To Eat and What To AvoidDifferent programs and products have been developed in the recent years to help people stay fit and healthy. The Cruise Control Diet is one of the programs designed for health and dieting purposes. So what is this program all about, and what exactly is its function to the user? Here is a cruise control diet review with a look at how it works.

What Is The Cruise Control Diet?

thinking_woman_PNG11627As the name suggests, this is a dieting e-book or program that is developed by one James Ward. The developer of the program had an aim of helping the users lose fat naturally through it. Even though James Ward doesn’t have any well-known track record concerning health and fitness, his program has grabbed many specialists’ attention. Doctors are promoting the program, and a lot of users claim that it works as promised.

The mechanism behind the program is to help you lose fat by controlling the common fat-related hormones like insulin and leptin. According to the users’ reviews, this program is fun and easy to use or follow. Basically, it helps you track what you eat and be watchful of the fat intake. Since you will minimize the intake of fat, it will help your body to control the fat hormones naturally.

Also, the program adapts an essential principle known as the Instinctual Eating Principle {IEP}. This principle focuses mostly on what you eat, rather than how you eat it. Once you are aware of what you eat, you will avoid eating the wrong foods that will boost the fat in the body. Conversely, you will eat the right foods to help you stay fit and healthy.

What Is Included In The Program?

Cruise Control Diet Program

This e-book comes with different components that make it ultimately helpful to the user. Here is what is entailed in the program:

The Core Program: The e-book gives you a guide on the right food to eat, and things to do that will help you reset your metabolism with the aim of losing weight. Here is where the backbone of the whole program lies. It is where the author introduces the user to the major phases of the program. The three major phases include the Metabolic Reset Phase, the Cruise Control Phase, and the Rapid Fat-Burning Phase.

The Cookbook: Apparently, this is an element that gives you the right recipes for various meals. You get to enjoy a list of different healthy foods that will help you stay healthy and boost the fat-burning process. Luckily, you can still enjoy the recipes even when you are done with the whole e-book.

The Jumpstart Guide: This section includes a list of super foods that you should eat and the quantities that you should consume every day. Typically, it gives you a guide of the foods you should buy whenever you are out shopping for your family. Also, you get an 8-Week Recipe Guide to introduce you to tasty and nutrition-packed ideas and recipes that will give you an easy time with your weight-loss efforts.

How Does Cruise Control Diet Program Work?

Generally, there is no any rocket science linked to this program. Rather, it simply works in three stages, and you will complete the entire cycle in 8 weeks. Here is a glimpse of the three vital stages:

The Metabolic Reset Phase: In this phase, the program teaches you how to balance the blood sugar level and insulin in the body. This is meant to take around two weeks from when you start using the e-book. Also, it educates you on how to avoid the processed foods and only consumes natural foods. This way, your body will only need food when you are hungry, and not when you have cravings.

The Cruise Control Stage: At this stage, the author educates you on how to eat well-balanced natural foods. Amazingly, it allows you to enjoy the junk foods, but only two times in a week. Actually, including the junk food is one of the things that makes the whole program a success. It is said that the limited junk foods will help to provide your body with the required amount of fat.

The Rapid Fat-Burning Phase: It is believed that this phase is an extension of the second stage, and it teaches you how to trigger the fat-burning activities. This is probably in the sixth week since you started using the program, and you will notice a loss of weight by then. As you lose weight, you also learn how to live a healthy and happy life.

After the three stages, you will experience a significant loss of weight, as long as you follow the guides appropriately.

What Kinds of Foods Do You Eat on This Program?

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The Cruise Control Diet teaches and recommends you to eat foods in their natural forms, rather than the processed foods. It has 60 different recipes that include foods that are meant to promote fat loss and still deliver a tasty meal. Some of the foods covered in this e-book include vegetables like cauliflower, guacamole, broccoli, and spinach. Also, it covers beef pot roast, soups, pork loin, tuna, tomato salad, as well as other healthy breakfast ideas. You fill find lots of foods in this program, and they are all considered healthy and good for burning fat.

Rules for Following the Cruise Control Diet

As advised by the author, you will need to follow the instructions on this book keenly if you want to lose weight and stay healthy as promised. Here are some of the rules you should keep in mind:

  • Always stick to the fat-burning foods suggested in the book. Do not make any alternatives for the foods, lest you ruin your fat-loss journey.
  • Avoid taking too much sugar and carbohydrates to decrease the fat hormones in the body. The book points out that you should avoid processed smoothies and sugars.
  • Don’t overeat of your favorite junk foods. Minimize their intake if you cannot avoid them completely.
  • Go for natural and healthy foods to help your body ask for food only when you are hungry.

Following these rules will help you achieve an effective fat loss journey in the end. Don’t forget to treat yourself with your favorite foods once in a while for you to make the whole process enjoyable. Occasional junk foods will not have an effect on your weight gain, mostly if you are following the guides in this program.

Who Benefits Most From the Dieting Program?

Benefits Most From the Dieting ProgramSo really, who is this program designed for? As the author points out, it is a program for anybody that is in need of losing weight. Nonetheless, there might be some slight exceptions. If you have struggled to lose weight for many years and attempted to incorporate different diets without any success, this is an ideal program for you. It isn’t just for those that need to cut off the excess fat, but also for a person that wants to be fit as they lose weight. Well, don’t start using this program if you are not willing to follow it and be patient for long enough. Don’t expect to lose like 50 pounds in less than four weeks when using this program. If you are a dedicated vegan, this program is not for you since it includes some meat in its recipes.

Cruise Control Diet: Pros of the Program
  • It is easy to follow
  • It allows you to enjoy your favorite junk food two times in a week
  • It comes with a well-organized plan
  • The phases and stages of fat loss are based on real scientific findings
  • It is designed for anyone, regardless of their gender or age.
  • The foods included are all natural and pose no risk to your health
  • It educates you on what foods to buy at the groceries or the supermarket
  • You enjoy 60 different recipes to give you an easy time preparing your meals.
Cruise Control Diet: Cons of the Program
  • It is only available online
  • The program focuses on diet alone. It doesn’t give a guide on physical exercises that can trigger the fat-burning process.
  • It may not be the best choice for complete vegans since it includes meat in its recipes
  • You will have to follow the stages appropriately for you to experience weight loss
How to Get Started With the Cruise Control Diet

Basically, it is effortless to start using this program. You simply have to purchase it and follow the guidelines as expected. To get the e-book, simply get online and buy it from the official website, The e-book is available in PDF format, so ensure that you have the latest Adobe Reader on your tablet or computer. Once you have downloaded it, you simply have to follow the stages systematically. There is an email address for you to contact the customer support whenever you have any issues.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Other than the endorsements and support from doctors and other fitness specialists, Cruise Control Diet Plan also comes with a 60-day or two months money-back guarantee. The program itself is designed to take 8 weeks, which is typically two months. So after you finish the e-book and you don’t experience any changes in your weight, just call the customer support for a refund.

The Cruise Control Diet plan is one of the dieting programs on the market that are easy and fun to follow. What makes it different from most diet programs is that it allows you to enjoy your favorite junk foods occasionally. This way, you can progress with your fat-loss journey and still have a delicious meal without adding weight. There are plenty of recipes to enjoy in this e-book, and it features all-natural foods that boost the fat-burning process while giving you a healthy body altogether. The pricing is also quite reasonable.

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