Top 10 Drinks That Help You Lose Weight

Drinks That Help You Lose Weight


Do you have no time to spare for following a complete diet plan or get yourself to the gym? Fret not! Now, with some will power, healthy diet and a few healthy drinks, you can lose your weight in no time.

While diet and workout help big time to improve the health and fitness, drinks are also a significant factor to impact your weight. Taking sodas made of added sugar and caffeinated drinks can take all your efforts of weight loss down to zero. Drinking the right beverages, do not only help you stay healthy but also prevent you from these sugary and weight-gaining drinks available in the market. Moreover, drinking more wholesome drinks leaves you feeling full and satiated for the day which causes you to eat lesser than you usually do.

Following are the 5 best healthy drinks that are easily made at home and help you stay fit in the long run:

10 Best-Ever Drinks for Weight Loss

10 Best-Ever Drinks for Weight Loss

  1. Detoxify Your Body with Cucumber Detox Water:

Making this drink at home is a piece of cake as everything is easily available and it is quickly made.  All you need are some fresh grapefruit, lemons and cucumbers. Cut them and store them in a jar of water with some salt, pepper and mint to add more flavour to the naturally sweet and refreshing drink. Leave the jar like that overnight and pour the water in your bottle next day. Take it with you to the work or wherever you go and drink it throughout the day. It will not only help you get a flatter tummy and well-hydrated body, but also prevent you from acid reflux and aging in the long run.

  1. Juicy Beetroot Drink:

Cooking vegetables for yourself is time-consuming and you often run out of time and end up skipping the vegetables for the day. Getting an easier alternative to take all the nutrients prevents in the veggies can save your life and therefore, I recommend you to make a juice out of them. My personal favourite is beetroot juice as it is naturally sweet. It carries a great number of nutrients that our body often lacks. Drinking beetroot juice will not only fulfil the daily requirement of the vegetable intake, but also help settle your cravings for sweet drinks. This way, you will be able to avoid added sugar without any extra efforts.

  1. Black Coffee:

Black coffee is known to be the best energy drink of all times. It gives a great amount of boost to the body and helps you work out for longer hours. It is full of anti-oxidants and free of sugar which add to its weight reducing benefits. Starting your day with black coffee rather than milk tea before you head out for a jog can leave you feeling more energized throughout the day and give you a perfect waistline.

  1. Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea has been known as a weight-loss tea for ages. This Chinese tea tastes and smells just like any other green tea. It works wonders to make the metabolism fast and prevents the fat producing enzymes as well. Taking it regularly will not only help you lose some extra pounds but also maintain the weight in the long run.

So, start drinking these great alternatives to sugary sodas that are ruining your health and promote health and fitness.

  1. Water:

We all know that water is a great choice to lose weight effectively. You must drink the required amount of water each day. In fact, the more you drink it, the merrier it is. It is a great way to keep your metabolism fast and detoxify your body. If you don’t like the taste of it, you can always add flavour of lemon or mint to it for better taste.

  1. Low-fat Milk:

Milk has been the most energizing drink of all times as the calcium in it makes the bones stronger and builds the muscles. Skim milk or low-fat milk will give you all the nutrients while keeping you away from the fat. If you do not like the taste of it, you can add flavour of chocolate to it or turn it into a smoothie.

  1. Pineapple Frappe:

The drink of pineapple frappe makes a perfect beverage for lunch time and it is a great help when it comes to flattening belly. Pineapple consists of an enzyme that makes the metabolism faster while breaking down protein. It makes a naturally sweet beverage which needs no added sugar. You can add flaxseeds to it which also carry tummy-flattening properties.

  1. Watermelon Smoothie:

Smoothies are a great way of staying hydrated without taking in any added sugar. Watermelons are sweet and refreshing with a great ability to hydrate the body. It is full of nutrients including cancer-fighting enzymes and an amino acid that reduces fat and makes the metabolism faster. It is also capable of building muscles.

  1. Chia Seeds Water:

Chia seeds consist of detoxifying properties which help the body free of toxins and keeps you feeling full for the entire day after you take it. Therefore, add chia seeds to your water and keep it with you throughout the day. This way, you will feel like eating less than you usually do. Drinking chia seeds water does not only help reduce the weight but also has a great impact on the skin. It makes the skin more fresh and glowing than ever.

  1. Dark Chocolate Shake:

You might be surprised reading this one because it is pretty new to know this, isn’t it? It is 100% true and dark chocolate works wonder when it comes to slimming down that waist. It satiates the sugar cravings and leaves you feeling full for the entire day. Therefore, taking a dark chocolate shake in the lunchtime can help those who are on diet because it does keep the person more energized even when eating less.

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