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Relief Factor Are you suffering from chronic joint pains and aches? Does it keep you from getting to sleep when you want to? And has it prevented you from enjoying the things you used to enjoy? Chronic joint pain can lower your quality of life. It can prevent you from doing your job, cause severe lack of sleep, and can even prevent you from enjoying daily activities such as driving, cooking, or even enjoying the company of family and friends.

Over-the-counter painkillers can help, but are the side effects worth it? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. So what is there left to do?

Having sold millions around the world and having helped tens of thousands of people enjoy relief from joint pains and aches is Promedev's Relief Factor – an incredible natural supplement specifically designed to target joint pains and aches caused by inflammation.

Having been developed over the course of 15 years by chiropractors and doctors, its unique formulation makes use of the world's toughest anti-inflammatory extracts to give you long-term and effective pain relief with little to no side effects.

What is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor is manufactured by Promedev, which is a small scale, family-run subsidiary of Longevity Medical Clinic. The supplement is a natural dietary supplement containing herbs and extracts that are scientifically proven to relieve inflammation and help reduce chronic joint pains and muscle aches.

Not only does it provide pain relief, the supplement arms the body with essential nutrients needed to protect itself from agents that cause inflammation. So not only does it target the pain itself, it hits the very cause of the pain, which can be inflammation due to an injury, excessive exercise, or due to aging.

How Relief Factor Works?

How Relief Factor WorksThe supplement works to provide support and relief for painful joints due to inflammation. What the ingredients do is they look for the very causes of inflammation, stops them in their tracks, and prevents nerve signals from going to your brain. The result? Reduced pain and improved joint movement.

Each packet of Relief Factor contains 3 capsules and dosage usually depends on the severity of your inflammation or symptoms of joint pain. But to start, you can take two or 3 capsules per day. You can take two capsules at one time, or take one capsule three times in one day. The capsules must be taken on a full stomach to prevent stomach upset.

It is important to note that Relief Factor is not a fast-acting solution to joint pain. Rather, it is a long-term solution for those who are suffering from chronic joint pain, and works over time. It is not an overnight solution where you take it right now and expect to have pain relief after one hour or the next day. Full results of the supplement is achieved within 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the severity and type of joint pain you may have.

The extracts or ingredients target different metabolic pathways in the brain to alleviate pain directly from the source, so as long as you take the supplement, you will enjoy long-term and continuous pain relief, with no need for fast-acting painkillers that cause adverse side effects.

Relief Factor Side Effects

No adverse side effects have been reported by users of the supplement. However, mild side effects such as nausea are common from users who've taken the capsules on empty stomachs. The extracts are derived from natural plant sources but a couple of the ingredients may be too strong to take on an empty stomach, which is why taking the supplements properly is highly important.

Stomach upsets are also pretty common, as well as heartburn. To ease these side effects, taking probiotics my help.

There have also been reports of individuals who suffered from dry mouth and dizziness after taking the supplement.

If you are allergic to soy or shellfish, please refrain from taking the supplement as it contains soy and fish produce. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from a chronic condition, or are taking special medication, please do not take the supplements unless your doctor allows you to do so.

Relief Factor Ingredients

Relief Factor Ingredients
Relief Factor's unique pain relief formulation consists of the following 4 major ingredients: Omega 3, Icariin, Resveratrol, Curcumin

Omega 3: Omega 3 is a fatty acid and has been widely renowned for its long list of health benefits. The Omega 3 content present in Relief Factor is highly concentrated EPA and DHA, which are known to provide support for the modulation of specific genes that are associated with pain response. In short, Omega 3 helps the body to ease its responses to pain stimulation, therefore, relieving overall pain. It is also known to enhance mood, improve the immune system, as well as support a healthy nervous system.

Icariin: Icariin relieves pain by blocking pain signals to the brain. It also helps protect damaged cells, fights against inflammation, and promotes improved blood circulation.

Resveratrol: A highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory extract, it supports the body's healthy responses to pain, and supports healthy blood vessels. Resveratrol is also known to enhance the longevity enzyme activity, which helps to improve the health of cells, promoting overall well-being.

Curcumin: Relief Factor has three times more content and 3 times better absorption than other pain relief products that contain this ingredient. Aside from reducing inflammation, it also helps to regenerate damaged muscle tissue. Other ingredients in the formulation include soy, fish oil, silica, and cellulose.

The Science Behind Relief Factor

Science Behind Relief FactorRelief Factor is based on over 15 years of research by doctors, experts, and chiropractors. Scientific studies of the world's most effective and safest natural extracts served as the basis for creating the product's unique formulation to treat pain relief.

One study regarding the effects of Icariin on inflammation can be accessed through the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The study was done by Chen SR and others, wherein they posited that Icariin, which is derived from Horny Goat Weed, does suppress pain pathways in the brain, and that it can be a potential drug for inflammatory diseases.

Regarding Omega 3, which is the most studied among all the ingredients, it is widely known and scientifically proven the it helps reduce the risks for heart diseases by lowering the body's overall inflammation.

A study on Resveratrol, on the other hand, which can also be accessed through the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, reveal that its anti-inflammatory properties can help provide cardioprotection.

And lastly, Curcumin, which is the most active constituent of Turmeric, has been scientifically proven to alleviate pain and improve the symptoms of those suffering from osteoarthritis.

You can find countless studies involving these 4 major ingredients and all of them have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and provide relief from pain.

The Pros and Cons of Using Relief Factor

The Pros and Cons of Using Relief Factor

Like most supplements, Relief Factor also has its own pros and cons, let's take a look:

Advantages of Taking Relief Factor
  • It is made of all-natural ingredients
  • It was developed by actual doctors and experts in the field, as well as by chiropractors
  • It works on both joint and muscle pain
  • 80% of people who've used it have purchased it again
  • Easy Access – no need for prescription
  • Non-Addictive as it is a non-stimulant
Disadvantages of Taking Relief Factor
  • Its claims have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Lacks other vitamins and minerals that could help improve collagen in the joints
  • The effects are different from one person to another – some may enjoy pain relief within 3 weeks while others will have to take it for a full 5 weeks before feeling the first signs of relief
  • There is no money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the results. There is a 90-day money back guarantee but only if you haven't opened the packets, and you will have to shoulder the return shipping fee.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

Joint pain is a debilitating discomfort that affects our quality of life deeply. While it is not a life-threatening condition, it can create extreme discomfort that prevents you from enjoying normal daily activity.

While painkillers are available, they don't really target the root cause of joint pain, which can be inflammation, and this is where Relief Factor really stands out. It doesn't just provide you with a simple solution to relieve pain, but it tries to solve the very root causes of the pain in the first place, which is inflammation that may be due to aging, exercise, or injury.

Although Relief Factor is not an overnight solution, it is one of the best options in the market for those looking for a long-term solution for their chronic pain problems. You can take painkillers if you want pain relief but if you want a solution for the long-run, where you won't have to take such painkillers anymore, then Relief Factor is your best option.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of this supplement is to diligently follow its instructions on dosage and timing, as well as having the patience to wait for the full results to take place. If you want instant relief, this is not the product for you. And if you want a strong and potent formula, this isn't the product for you, either.

Relief Factor is safe, effective, works for long-term relief, and made of scientifically proven ingredients that stop inflammation causing your joint pains and aches, making it a risk-free, safe, and worthy solution to try for your chronic joint pain problems.


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