How To Reduce Stomach After Delivery

What Is C Section, And How Do I Reduce My Weight After Delivery?

How To Reduce Stomach After DeliveryCesarean Section, which is commonly known as C-Section, is the delivery of a baby through surgery. During the delivery, a horizontal incision will be made in the abdomen and uterus of the mother to safely remove the baby.

Usually, a Cesarean Section delivery will be suggested by the doctor due to some medical reasons. However, some women just choose it over the normal child delivery. So when is a C-Section recommended?

What are Medical Reasons For Having a C-Section?

  • If the baby experiences insufficient oxygen supply
  • When there is a problem with the placenta
  • In the event of stalled labor
  • If the mother has a C-Section history
  • When there is an issue with the umbilical cord
  • If there is any health concern with the baby or the mother, which requires a quick delivery

As we’ve said, some women choose to go with C-Section, even if it is not medically connected. Some prefer C-Section because it preserves the pelvic floor, hence preserve the sexual pleasure/function. Some women want to maintain their bladder control, while others want to have cute, round-headed babies.

Regardless of the reason for a C-Section, the results are always the same – you will have the post C-Section belly. Luckily, you can still reduce weight after you have delivered your little angel. The secret is to eat the right food and engage in appropriate workouts. Nonetheless, you must wait for the surgery to heal and the stomach muscles to repair before you engage in any exercise.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Baby Belly?

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There are many ways to get rid of the baby belly. First off, breastfeeding helps a lot to burn off calories and eliminate the excess fluid in the first months after delivery. Breastfeeding will also trigger the contractions to make your uterus shrink quickly.

Another way to get rid of the baby belly is by exercising. Exercises help to burn calories and also tone the stomach muscles. Sticking to a healthy diet would also help to eliminate the baby belly. Always go for the right foods, and avoid junk meals if you want your baby belly to reduce.

Why Do I Still Look Pregnant After My C Section Delivery?

How Long Will it Take for the Belly to ShrinkAfter delivery, your belly will still look big, which should not freak you out. Usually, you will add weight throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. There are several reasons for having a big belly after a C-Section. Here is a look at some of them;

1. Fluid Retention after C-Section Delivery: During the C-Section surgery, the patient will be injected with the intravenous fluid. The Intravenous {IV} fluids help to replace any useful fluid that is lost during surgery. After the surgery, these fluids will be retained in the body. Women who go through C-Section might experience some swelling in different parts of the body, including the belly, face, or ankles. This swelling condition is known as edema.

2. The Normal Shrinking Period Of The Uterus: After childbirth, the uterus will need to shrink naturally. This will take anywhere between six and eight weeks. You need to be patient and allow your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size naturally.

3. Possible Diastasis Recti Condition: Diastasis Recti is a muscle-related condition that occurs in pregnant women. Usually, the muscles might stretch out as the uterus is growing. Here, the two parallel muscles bundles that run across the belly will be separated. As a result, you will have a bulged mid-abdomen, which makes you appear several months pregnant after the delivery.

4. Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Doctors recommend pregnant women to add weight for the sake of their health and that of the baby. Even though a lot of weight is lost during C-Section, the belly might still appear big if you packed on a lot of weight.

10 HOME REMEDIES to Shrink Your Belly After a C Section

10 Home Remedies To Reduce Belly Fat After Delivery
Getting rid of your baby belly is all about being wise in what you eat, engaging in a few exercises, and letting nature take its course. That said, here are easy home remedies on how to reduce stomach after delivery.

  1. Stay Hydrated: You might be worried that drinking too much water will make your belly swell even more. Conversely, water plays a big role in burning the excess belly fat. When you are well-hydrated, you will be less likely to crave for snacks and other junk foods. For that, drink plenty of water, as well as fruits or veggies rich in water. Cucumber, watermelon, lettuce, or celery are the most recommended fruits and vegetables.
  2. Breastfeed: This is the most natural way of eliminating the post C-Section belly. You don’t have to wait when it comes to breastfeeding. Start as soon as the baby arrives. Breastfeeding can burn around 500 calories every day. Also, it releases Oxytocin – a hormone that promotes uterine contraction.
  3. Eat Healthy: Before childbirth, it is advised to eat well so that you can pack up more weight. However, after delivery, the ball goes back to dieting. You need to eat a healthy diet to help you get rid of the excess weight. Eliminate high-calorie and fat-based foods. As you are eliminating the excess calories, remember that you are still breastfeeding. Ensure that you consume 300 to 500 calories daily to boost the supply of milk.
  4. Consider Using a Postpartum Support Belt: You can wear a postpartum support girdle or belt to tighten the loose abs and also promote abdominal contractions. The belt can compress the uterus, which will then shrink the belly. Follow doctor’s guidelines before you start using the belt.
  5. Consider Detoxification: A smart cleanse can also help to get rid of the baby belly. This should be done naturally for an effective result. You can decide to eliminate all the junk food and replace them with fruits and veggies. Drink plenty of water as you do this. Also, throw in some fiber and nutrient-rich meals to help support your digestive system. This way, you will naturally flush out the toxins from the body.
  6. Get Enough Sleep: It might be challenging to have the recommended hours of sleep {eight} when your new baby is born. However, you need to prioritize sleep if you need to eliminate the excess fat. You can manage this by sleeping when the baby takes a nap. This will promote fat burn and also enhance your emotional health.
  7. Engage in Some Workouts: Exercising has a natural and direct impact on the weight loss. However, a post-C-Section woman is not recommended to engage in heavy exercise. You will have to wait for the wound to recover and the belly muscles to repair. You can start with some exercises after the recovery period. Taking a walk as you carry the baby can be effective too. Do not engage in regular ab workouts if you have Diastasis Recti, lest it widens the muscles further. Pelvic tilts and heel slides are easy and effective to eliminate your post C-Section belly.
  8. Consider a Massage: A good postpartum massage will give you a relaxed feeling by reducing the muscle tension. Also, it helps to break down the belly fat and give you a flat tummy. When you get a massage, the lymph nodes will be stimulated, which then breaks up the stagnant fluid. However, massage is not a sure fat elimination method, but it can help if you incorporate it with exercises, good food, and other effective remedies.
  9. Do Some Kegels: Kegels are one of the unique exercises that are recommended for pregnant and nursing women. So if you are through the C-Section recovery period, you can try out some Kegels. This workout helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles. It also helps to release the pressure on the muscles after adding weight during pregnancy.
  10. Set Reachable Goals: It is not going to be an easy journey as you try to get rid of the baby belly. However, if you are determined and dedicated to it, it will be easier. One sure way of doing this is by setting personal goals that are reachable. Start with small weekly or monthly goals.
How to Start Dieting and Exercise after C-Section

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Usually, doctors would recommend new moms to wait for the recovery period and only start with mild exercises six weeks after delivery. Some doctors may recommend waiting for eight weeks before engaging in any workout.

Also, do not start dieting in the first six weeks after giving birth. Your body needs all the nutrition; so make sure you eat healthily and relax enough during the first six weeks.

How Long Will it Take for the Belly to Shrink?

how-to-lose-belly-fat-fbAs you are applying the relevant remedies to eliminate the excess fat and the baby belly, you will need to be as patient as ever. Generally, it would take anywhere between six to eight weeks for the belly to return to its normal size.

However, the weight you gain during pregnancy will not be lost easily. You might still have a big belly even after it shrinks. If you engage in proper workouts and dieting, it may take you around 15 weeks to lose the excess fat and belly after C-Section.

Will The Baby Belly Really Go After C-Section?

Yes, the belly will shrink after your C-Section delivery. Nonetheless, this will depend on how dedicated you are, and how you handle your weight management. Choose the right remedies that are effective enough. Also, ensure that you wait for the surgical wounds to heal properly during the first six to eight weeks. You can talk to a training expert to take you with the postpartum exercises.

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