10 Simple Steps to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

You’ve probably come across or even tried a few quick weight-loss and diets that did not work as promised. The simple fact of the matter is that when it comes to losing weight, it’s all about burning more calories than you take in. So forget about those fad diets that promise you that eating a whole mountain of grapefruit or counting carbs will make those pounds drop off.

However although the temptation is always to try and lose as much weight as possible within a short time, it is recommended that you lose weight at a slow and steady pace. In order to ensure that you are only losing fat and not water or muscle, you should not be losing more than 2 pounds in a week.

How Do I Lose 2 Pounds by Walking and Exercising?

Walking and ExercisingMust read : How Many Calories Should I Eat Each Day to Lose Weight

In addition to helping you reduce the risk of a chronic condition like diabetes or heart disease and also improving your bone health, walking is very useful when it comes to burning calories in order to lose weight.

Consult your doctor first before starting any exercise regimen. Your doctor knows your current health and your most healthy weight. He may also be helpful in designing the best walking program for you.

Step 1:

You need a pair of walking shoes that are comfortable. The shoes should be specifically designed for walking and not running or any other sport. Walking shoes are made in such a way that they support your feet for every stride. Make sure you test them before buying.

Step 2:

Track the calories you take in per day. The nutrition labels found on food packaging will help you ascertain how many calories are contained in each serving. Know how many servings you take and how big they are and add up those calories at the end of the day.

Step 3:

Set out to burn 1000 calories every day. You may walk in order to burn all the 1000 calories or reduce some calories in your diet, then burn the rest by walking.

Step 4:

Walk and exercise enough each day to burn the calories you need to burn to reach your goal. You will be burning a different number of calories each day depending on your weight, age, walking speed and walking time. There are calorie calculators that can be bought online to help you know how many calories you burn.

10 Simple Steps to Help You Get Rid of 2 Pounds a Week?

10 Simple Steps to Help You Get Rid of 2 Pounds a Week?1. Keep a food diary

Studies show that people who record what they eat end up eating almost 15% less food compared to those that don’t. Then reduce or cut out the calories from sauces, dressings, spreads and snacks. People also tend to consume more calories on weekend days, mostly from fat and alcohol.

2. Stick to water between meals

It’s okay to have your orange juice at breakfast. But for the rest of the day, leave the juices and soda alone and instead focus on water. Soft drinks add you an average of 245 calories in a day. That is almost 25 pounds in a year if you calculate it in terms of weight!

3. Wait until you are hungry before you eat

It’s amazing how much and how often we eat out of habit, boredom or frustration. Avoid succumbing to cravings and only eat when you are really hungry. There are better ways to relieve stress and boredom than just eating.

4. Have most of your meals at home

Eating out increases your chances of eating more- and eating more high-calorie, high-fat foods. In fact restaurants nowadays have had to switch to larger plates because of the large portions they serve.

5. Avoid platters and serve food on your plate instead

Having a table full of platters and bowls only increases the temptation to eat more. Most people tend to consume 2.5 times higher calories in the evening than we do in the morning. When you serve food on a plate, you stop eating when the plate gets empty.

6. Fill your meals with vegetables

When you balance grains with veggies, you will not overeat the grains as the high-fibre veggies will have satisfied your hunger before you can eat the grains. Fiber also helps prevent constipation which would make you bloated.

7. Replace the fruit juice with fruit

Those kid-size boxes of apple or orange juice contain much more calories than the apple or orange fruits. The solid fruits also keep you satisfied much longer than the juices, thereby reducing your overall food intake.

8. Eat cereal for breakfast

Eating cereals for breakfast ensures that you consume more calcium and fiber –and less fat – than people who eat the other breakfast foods. You are also less likely to have diabetes if you eat cereals in the morning for five days a week.

9. Avoid white foods

Large quantities of simple carbohydrates from added sugar and white flour not only lead to weight gain but can also wreak havoc to your blood sugar. Avoid white flour and white rice and instead opt for brown rice and whole-grain bread.

10. Eat more in the morning

When you eat in the morning, you have much more time to burn those morning calories than you normally have to burn dinner. You will also find yourself eating less in the evening.

How Do I Keep The Weight Off?

How Do I Keep The Weight Off Also read : How Many Calories Should I Eat Each Day to Lose Weight

When you lose the weight, avoid going back to the old habits as you could easily gain all the weight back.

  • The following tips should help you keep the weight off:
  • Stay active – if you were walking regularly, consider walking longer or start running
  • Keep the calories low – a higher- protein, lower-fat diet helps maintain weight loss
  • Watch your weight – keep weighing yourself regularly to monitor any changes in weight
  • Keep it interesting – mix things up a bit to avoid slipping back to the old habits
  • Eat breakfast – breakfast helps you not to get too hungry and avoid snacking
  • Get support – if you had the help of a professional, keep going back regularly
  • Set yourself goals – these motivate you to keep up the exercise and health diet regime

What Should I Eat?

What Should I EatFor a start, you can decide to replace one high-calorie snack with something healthier every day. A good example is a smoothie in place of that morning pastry. Alternatively, you can opt for a drink that is lower in sugar, fat or alcohol,. A good example is water with some lemon instead of a soda.If you want to be successful in losing weight, the key is discipline. It is all about staying committed to the changes you make in your exercise habits and diet.

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