How To Lose A Pound A Day

10 Simple Steps on How to Lose a Pound a DayWho said it is not possible to lose one pound a day? This is something that is so achievable and has been proven. The big question then is, how can it be achieved? This article you are just about to read will answer that question very well and leave you with absolutely no doubts at all. Losing a pound a day is by far not an easy task for anyone whatsoever, it needs a lot of hard work and commitment. The main reason why someone would consider losing a pound a day would be to attend a big event that most probably requires him or her to shed some extra pounds. Losing a pound a day is not recommended for people who are in the long-term weight loss category. With that said, let us head straight to how to lose a pound a day.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is not to promote instant weight loss. The most recommended way of losing weight and maintaining is eating healthy and exercising often.

Simple and Effective Ways to Lose Water Weight

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There are different methods in which someone may easily lose water weight and they include:

Start sweating:

Engaging in cardiovascular exercises like cycling, jogging and swimming increase metabolism. As a result of increased metabolism, the body burns residual toxins that help in retaining liquids. An important point to note is that overdoing these exercises is also not good. 30-60 minutes per session is enough to avoid raising the cortisol levels, which may hinder weight loss.

Slash sodium intake:

Everybody associates sodium with salt, which is very true in that sodium is a primary component in salt. Salt is good in that it makes food sweet but then again it has a disadvantage in that it contains sodium, which is majorly responsible for water retention in the human body. The most important thing is to lose water and so minimum salt should be consumed on a daily basis, preferably less than 2300mg a day.

Drinking more water:

This seems like it is contradicting the main agenda, but in the real sense, it is not. Think of it this way; your body should hydrate at all times to make the process of losing water easier. A dehydrated body stores water for compensation purposes, hence more water weight. Eight glasses of water a day is highly recommended.

Taking caffeine supplements or drinking tea or coffee:

Tea and coffee are very effective in this process because of their high level of caffeine. Research shows that caffeine helps in short-term urine output and with that, reduces the water weight. From this, someone should deduce that moderate amounts of caffeine help people drop excess water from their bodies.

Lose One Pound a Day Diet Plan

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It is simply a low calorie, low carb, and high protein diet program. Good carbs such as vegetables, fruits, and beans are advisable. This type of diet weight loss solution is very effective and it occurs in two main phases. The first one is the most difficult of the diet program. This is where food consumption varies from weekdays to weekends. 850 calories should be consumed during weekdays, while 1200 calories to be consumed on weekends. All meals should be consumed in time, irrespective of whether or not you are hungry. The second phase is basically the maintenance phase, trying to keep up with what has been achieved in phase one.

10 Simple Steps on How to Lose a Pound a Day

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  1. Count your calories – Calculation of calories is done simply by multiplying current weight by 10. To be able to lose a pound a day, someone should shed at least 3500 calories.
  2. Reducing intake of calories – Consuming food with low calories is key. Such foods make someone feel full for example vegetables.
  3. Exercise with the motive of losing a pound a day – This is where hard work comes in. Once eating right has been achieved, working out needs to be done regularly so that the process of burning calories begins.
  4. Drinking lots of water – Water is a necessity in human life. Not only is it important, but it also makes someone feel full and so food consumption will be reduced.
  5. Avoid eating after 7pm – Metabolism slows down during sleep and so the body needs sufficient time to digest the food. Light food should be eaten for dinner.(low calories).
  6. Maintaining a journal that has all the information on weight loss. Writing down things improves memory. It is important to keep track of eating patterns and exercise regime.
  7. Follow a diet plan strictly – Consulting health experts are very important in this step. All people were created differently and so the rates of burning calories vary from one person to another. Having a plan and discipline is therefore very important.
  8. Eat foods rich in fiber – An apple a day keeps the doctor away is what they say. Apples are the best and richest in terms of fiber content. Foods rich in fiber tend to make people feel full and they also prevent stomach issues.
  9. Reducing craving for food – Eating habits have to change if the lose a pound a day is to be achieved. Avoiding fast foods and adopting healthy foods is essential.
  10. Never starveDenying you food is not helpful in weight loss; it actually adds fats to the body. The problem is that once you starve yourself, the body mechanisms goes off and when you eat, all the food is absorbed as fat. Therefore starving is wrong in the process of losing a pound a day.

Tips for Healthy Eating and Exercising

  • Reduce eating sweet things with so much sugar for example cakes and chocolates.
  • Finding a good workout buddy that will motivate you.
  • Get comfortable sneakers with enough leg room so that your feet do not swell after working out.
  • Good selection of music while exercising is motivating.
  • Know what portions to put while eating. Reducing stake and eating more vegetables instead.
  • Reduce alcohol intake.
What to Eat to Lose a Pound a Day?

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As mentioned earlier, cutting down on calories intake is very important. The best option is eating foods that have very low calorie content. Perfect examples of this include; beans, broccoli, white fish, white pasta, spaghetti, noodles, apples and porridge. Another type of vegetable that is very common in many countries and is very good for weight loss is lettuce. For people who can access it and want good weight loss results, here is an insight on the vegetable.

Lettuce nutritional facts

It is rich in a number of nutrients. They include; energy, moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber. It is also rich in minerals that include; calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. A number of vitamins can also be acquired from lettuce; Vitamins A,B-6 and K.

Health benefits of lettuce

It has low cholesterol. They help in maintaining low cholesterol levels in the body since high levels lead to strokes or in some cases heart attacks.Heals skin. The Vitamin A found in romain lettuce is very good for the skin. It builds collagen in the skin which makes it firm and healthy.

Good for improving vision

It is rich in zae-xanthin that is absorbed in the retina and regulates the amount of UV rays getting to the retina.

You Can Lose That Weight Almost Overnight

The main purpose of this article is to inform readers of how to lose a pound in a day and to give them reassurance that it is very possible and achievable. Good feeding habits and regular exercise is very helpful in this process, leave alone hard work and discipline.

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