How Did Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe Lose Weight? Weight Loss Surgery?

Gabourey Sidibe's Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Gabourey Sidibe's Amazing Weight Loss TransformationPrecious was a 2009 film that garnered critical acclaim and catapulted its leading actor to the limelight. This actor is Gabourey Sidibe, more known for her large frame and obese weight than her talent. While taping the film, Sidibe is said to have weighed more than 300 pounds, which was perfect for the role she played.

Recently, in a March issue of People magazine, Gabourey Sidibe weight loss, as she is more known, shocked the world with her incredible weight loss transformation. Right after Precious was released, haters and critics blasted her weight and appearance, with a famous co-star of hers even telling her to quit because, according to him, the industry is so image-conscious.

Today, with Gabourey Sidibe weight loss she looks like a completely different person! Years ago, she could only wear loose and unflattering clothes, but her recent pictures show a voluptuous, sexy, and confident woman that doesn't look the least bit like the actor in her breakthrough movie.

Wearing tight-fitting pencil skirts, short skirts, and revealing tops, Gabby is a completely new woman with her 179-pound unbelievable weight loss! How did she ever do it? From 300 pounds down to losing 179-pounds pounds in just a couple of years! It's completely unbelievable and almost seems impossible, but Gabby has proven that it can be done, and she's showing it to the entire world!

Gabourey Sidibe's Weight Loss Revelation

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Gabby Sidibe is one of the stars of the hit TV show Empire, and in each episode, it can't be denied that she gets better and better looking. Aside from her social media accounts that reveal her gradual but steady weight loss success, her TV show has also given her the opportunity to show her new body transformation, as well as her newfound confidence, and of course, her acting ability.

From posting pictures of herself in social media, to magazine covers and features, to red carpet sightings, and on the cover of her first memoir, "This is Just My Face," Gabby doesn't seem to be slowing down in leading a healthier and slimmer lifestyle.

How Did She Lose Weight So Fast and So Easy?

Back in 2013, January 1st, to be exact, Gabby finally decided she wanted to lose one pound per day. This meant that by the end of the year, she would have to lose a total of 50 pounds. She decided, that to lose one pound per week, she would have to take out 500 calories of daily calorie intake from her diet.

Fast forward to 2017, about 4 years later, she's lost a whopping 179 pounds since that fateful day. Her secrets? A change in diet, exercise, an incredible weight loss pill, and surgery.

Let's break down each of Gabourey Sidibe weight loss lifestyle changes to reveal her secrets.

Gabourey Sidibe's Secret to Eating Right

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Gabby's struggle with weight gain began early in life when her mother would force-feed her, and treat her to frequent McDonald's trips. She also indulged in junk food, soda, and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Gabby decided that since these have been her problem since she was a little girl, she had to change her eating habits. So she took on 4 steps to eating right:

1. Stopped Drinking Soda

Gabby downed half a gallon of soda on a daily basis before January 1. On that day exactly, she stopped drinking soda and replaced it with ice cold water, with a slice of lemon. This step dramatically changed her health, as it reduced her sugar intake and normalized her insulin levels, which is very essential not just for weight gain but for her health, too.

2. Weaned Herself From Processed Foods

Gabby binged on Oreo cookies, cupcakes, and potato chips as if they were the only food in the world. She started replacing them with hummus and crackers, vegetable chips, and fruits. Her body then slowly reduced its salt and sugar intake.

3. Timing and Sizing Her Meals

Gabby's former regular timing and sizing of meals included the following: a very light breakfast, a mid-sized lunch, and a huge dinner, with many snacks in between. She soon learned from a nutritionist and a personal trainer that this was unhealthy, and that the reverse was actually better in trying to lose weight and eating right.

She then decided to eat a large breakfast, a mid-sized lunch, and a light dinner. She also timed her meals three hours apart, and snacked on healthier food options to prevent going hungry. Drinking one glass of cold water before meals was also a routine as this helped her stay hydrated and it made sure her body didn't mistake thirst for hunger.

4. Eating Out of a Smaller Plate

Gabby used to eat out of a 12" diameter plate, but has replaced it with a 9-inch compact version. This simple change allowed her to practice filling-in 2/3 of her plate with complex carbs such as green beans and broccoli, leafy greens, and filling the rest with a fist-sized protein portion such as skinless chicken breast or fish fillet. She also made sure that she only ate 3 kinds of red meat per week, as well as include avocado and fish oil for healthy fats.

Gabourey Sidibe's Exercise Program

After an entire month of eating right, Gabby soon started feeling healthier and lighter, having more energy, and not feeling sluggish or lethargic. This was when she decided to start an exercise regimen, with the help of a personal trainer and a gym membership.

Because of her weight, Gabby had to have a program that was easy on her joints, so her trainer created low-pressure and low-impact exercises that she could do but also effective in helping her burn off calories. A cardiovascular program was created for her, which consisted of walking on a treadmill, exercising on a stair stepper, and a Versa climber.

She then exercised three times a week and 30 minutes for each session. The core of the program consisted of: lunges, squats, leg presses, barbell curl, and the lat pull down.

How Did She Decide to Get Surgery?

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Aside from deciding it was time to live a healthier life, Gabby was also diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Fearing the consequences of the disease, Gabby decided to get Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, which is also known as weight loss surgery, in simpler terms.

Her motivation, aside from living healthier, was to do more in life, rather than wanting to look cuter or slimmer. It was a difficult decision because at first, all she wanted to do was lose weight through eating right and exercise, but when she was diagnosed, along with her brother, she decided it was time to take action to save her life.

According to one study, people who go through the surgery are less likely to die from Type 2 Diabetes-related complications over people who didn't undergo the surgery, making it a good option for anyone who wants to reduce the effects of the disease.

It is an immediate advantage to prevent the risks, and it also helped Gabourey Sidibe weight loss faster. According to her surgeon, some of her stomach would be cut out, lowering her ability to eat more, and would limit her hunger.

The Incredible Weight Loss Supplement: Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia CambogiaEating healthier, exercising, and surgery all worked for Gabby's weight loss, but one weight loss supplement helped to support all her weight loss efforts. This incredible supplement has been a well-kept secret for many celebrities who suddenly bounced back from giving birth or those who suddenly gained weight. Garcinia Cambogia supplements have helped Gabby and countless celebrities lose weight fast!

If you don't know what this supplement is just yet, then what you're about to discover will shock you. It has the ability to suppress your appetite, prevent fat from forming, and prevent emotional eating! Just from taking one pill, that's right, just one pill!

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia-Cambogia-ExtractsGarcinia cambogia is actually a fruit and in its rind is a complex compound called HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid. It's a derivative of citric acid, and it works in 3 incredible ways to help people lose weight:

  • 1. Appetite Suppression
  • 2. Stops Fat from Forming
  • 3. Stops Emotional Eating

HCA suppresses your appetite by telling your brain that you are already full even when you have had little to eat. Suppression of appetite results to lower calorie intake, and thus, helps you lose weight just like that. HCA stops fat from forming through inhibiting the mechanisms of citrate lyase, which is the very enzyme that transforms unused carbs into fat deposits.

Garcinia Cambogia FruitAnd lastly, HCA stops emotional eating by stimulating the production of serotonin in your brain, which is the neurotransmitter that lifts your mood. The better you feel about yourself, the less chances of binge eating on snacks and sweets. These three mechanisms work to together to give you a healthier weight loss, supporting your efforts in your quest to reducing your weight.

Garcinia cambogia is safe and healthy since it is purely natural. A pill must contain at least 50% pure HCA concentration to be effective and no artificial chemicals must be included in the list of ingredients. This means that garcinia cambogia apple cider vinegar are all-natural and safe to take with no side effects. It can be used together with any weight loss program like Gabby's diet, her exercise program, and after surgery. Gabby Sidibe was incredibly overweight and it's truly inspiring to see her today. Compared to how she looked in the movie Precious back in 2009, Gabby has completely shocked Hollywood and the world by her complete body and health transformation.

Many people have said that it can't be done, but Gabourey Sidibe weight loss has proven the seemingly impossible to be possible, thanks to the right diet, the right exercise, the proper surgery, and the best weight loss pill, which is Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements.

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