Tips of Making Smoothie for Ultimate Fitness

9 Mind Blowing Tips of Making Smoothie for Ultimate Fitness

Smoothie for Ultimate FitnessIf you are into fitness, which I believe you are, maintaining the right diet is paramount for not only your success but also your health. You should watch what you eat right from the morning and ensure that your body is supplied with the right nutrients and in the right proportions. This is where smoothies come into play as they supply your body with the required energy and essential nutrients, vitamins, protein, minerals and fiber. However, not all smoothies come packed with the necessary nutrients and knowing how to make them could prove to be a difference maker. Here are 9 mind blowing tips for making the blending easy smoothies for ultimate fitness:

Choose the Right Base

The base of your smoothie is very important and this happens to be the liquid element in your favorite drink. There are many available options ranging from coconut milk to fruit & vegetable juices to nut milk. You will need to have the right amount of the base depending on the quantity of smoothie you want to prepare. To make the blending easy and efficient, you should pour the base into your blender first together with the powders of choice before adding other ingredients.

Pick the Best Fruits and Vegetables

Creativity is very important when choosing your fruits and veggies. You can use frozen berries or choose to shake things a little bit more by introducing other nutrients to your smoothie. While many people are fond of frozen fruits, there is no rule here and fresh ones will also do. Just make your pick, slice and chop and then freeze using pre-portioned freezing bags. While at it, you can add some vegetables to make a richer combination and this gives you a wide range of options to consider. Some of the best veggies to use include spinach, zucchini, cucumber, kale, squash, carrots and other leafy greens.

Include some Superfood Boosters

Superfoods have become popular and work very well in boosting the alkalinity, nutrition, and general health benefits of smoothies. Superfoods are normally packed with the necessary nutrients that your body needs for ultimate fitness. According to research, they have everything you need to keep your body healthy and strong even when consumed in small amounts.  You can try anything ranging from blue-green algae, yogurt, blueberries, and peanuts among others.

Add Nutrient Enhancers

Smoothies become nutritious and yummy when you add protein powders. These not only pack your smoothie with energy but also make your drink unique. You can choose from the wide variety of potions and powders available including fermented mushroom protein, pea protein and other plant-based favorites. Each of these comes in different tasty flavors and benefits that you’ll find suitable for you. The best thing is to choose what best works for you and also experiment with the different available options.

Add Fats for Fuel

If you are engaged in continuous workouts that place a demand on your body, then you will need a rich supply of fat. This however, shouldn’t include harmful fats especially those packed with bad cholesterol. Instead, you can pick coconut meat or avocado to not only make your smoothie healthy but also give it a creamy treat and make it extra thick. You can also add a little bit of flax oil or hemp to enrich the smoothie with omega 3’s. Additionally, you can boost metabolism and energy by choosing other medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oils.

Sweeten a Little Bit

Although you do not have to add sweeteners to all your smoothies, at times you will feel a craving for a little bit more sweetness. Fruits and veggies have a way of adding the natural sweetness to your smoothie but in some cases, other sweeteners will come in handy. You can use a little bit of coconut nectar or honey and these will not only sweeten your drink but also add some healthy and nutritious benefits.

Don’t Put too Many Add-ons

Even though you want to enrich your smoothie with the essential for supplying your body with energy for endurance, always avoid the temptation of putting too many add-ons. Many people make the mistake of adding coconut shreds, walnuts, cacao, pumpkin seeds and others all at once. However, going it simple is always the best idea as most of these add-ons have all the necessary nutrients that your body needs. The rule of thumb is to be moderate in your additions.

Prepare your Own Smoothies

Making your own smoothies is always the best as it allows you to maintain the highest hygiene standards and avoid unnecessary additives. Most likely than not, smoothies found in groceries and cafes are loaded with fat and sugars which translates into more calories in the body. However, making your own helps you determine the right ingredients and also guarantee freshness.

Have the Right Balance

If preparing either a pre-workout or post-workout smoothie, the best approach is to make it rich in proteins which are essential for supplying your body with energy for endurance and also aiding in the post workout recovery process. In fact, your smoothies should comprise of at least 30% proteins combined with other nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, potassium and calcium among others.

With these tips: it’ll be easy for you to put together some of the best smoothies for ultimate fitness. The best thing with smoothies is that they have a lot to offer when it comes to your health and the nutrients can easily be absorbed into your system thus making an impact faster than foods or fruits that you eat. It will be advisable to choose your fruits and veggies carefully and if you can, always go for organic ones as these are safer and healthier. Remember to always keep your body energized before and after workouts so as to supply the required energy and replenish all the lost nutrients used by the body during the workouts. Your smoothies should be satisfying, energy packed and helpful to the body.

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