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What is Take Shape for Life?

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This is simply a weight-management program that consists of various meal plans and other information to help the user stay fit and healthy. According to the developers, Take Shape for Life can help you lose weight in just a week. Just like most weight-management programs, TSFL is available on the official website. You can also purchase it via a certified distributor.

What You Need To Know About Take Shape for Life

so-tsfl-bionetworkTake Shape for Life is more than just a weight-loss program. It also gives you a chance to work for the company and get paid. First off, TSFL has meals and shakes that are produced by Medifast. Medifast is a reputable weight loss and nutrition company based in America. For that, you’ll be sure of using meals and shakes that are not only certified but also scientifically-proven.

Speaking of which, the TSFL products are scientifically prepared with a blend of well-balanced nutrients including fats, sugar, protein, as well as carbohydrates. All these have been included to help the user burn fat while retaining the muscle count.

Another thing you need to know about the Take Shape For Life program is that it gives you a chance to become a health coach. For you to become a TSFL health coach, you’ll need to join the company as a member. This can be done either by purchasing the Health Coach Business Kit or the Health Professional Business Kit. These kits go for $200 each. Even though the kits can be freely purchased, you’ll need to be a licensed practitioner for you to buy it.

These kits are not very different, but some details vary. For that, you should learn more about each kit before you decide to buy them. As a TSFL health coach, you’ll be required to teach the potential TSFL clients how to lose weight via the program. You’ll also need to have a TSFL-branded website that allows you to sell the Medifast plans and products as an affiliate member.

How Does The Program Work?

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Take Shape For Life is a system that is divided into three major sections. Each plan is vital enough to help the user reach the desired/promised goal. For that, the entire program works in three stages, which include the following:

First off, you will begin your program with a real person that helps you with your weight-loss journey. The personal health coach will designate a weight-loss plan specifically for you. Once you have your personal health coach, you get to choose five meals that are approved by Medifast. The five meals should be taken every day for maximum results. Unfortunately, these meals were scientifically formulated, meaning that you cannot make your own recipe at home as a replacement.

You should eat one of the five meals after around two to three hours every single day. The best part is that they are formulated to keep you satisfied and reduce the unhealthy cravings. Also, the developers state that the meals will help to trigger your metabolism. Another thing about these Medifast meals is that they are portable, which allows you to carry them to work or wherever you go.

The extra meal {plus one} should be a Lean and Green Meal, which must be included in your daily meal plan. You can choose to eat it as lunch or dinner. The meal entails a maximum of seven ounces of lean protein, along with three servings of veggies that have a low glycemic index. The two servings complete the Lean and Green Meal plan.

This 3 & 3 Plan comes along with specific Health System Habits that help you to maintain your weight loss results and stay on the healthy track. This is helpful to the user, especially after they have completed the initial diet plan. Typically, the Optimal Health 3 & 3 plan is a maintenance plan after you have attained your desired weight loss goal. The plan comes with a collection of lean protein, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, veggies, as well as low-fat dairy products.

Generally, you’ll find three Optimal Health Products, which are accompanied by three well-balanced meals. Just so you know, the Optimal Health Products is a set of dietary supplements offered by the company. Some of them include the Dark Chocolate Dream Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake, as well as the popular Strawberry Yogurt Bar. All these servings will cost between $2 and $4 apiece.

Medifast Weight Loss – Symptoms and Side Effects

Symptoms and Side Effects So far, there are no any reported side effects related to the TSFL products. You wouldn’t expect to experience harsh side effects because all the products come with natural meal plans. They have been scientifically formulated to meet the weight loss expectations of the user. For that, there are limited chances of experiencing any harmful side effects when using this program. Nonetheless, you should probably check the available meals or ingredients to see if you are allergic to any. Your doctor can help you with that.

Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Take Shape For Life Ingredients
The TSFL program comes with a range of products and meal plans, which are scientifically formulated. Even though the formula is unique, the nutrients used are the common ones. Some of the meals and products offered by the company include the following:

  • BeSLim Kits: This set includes the Basic, Discover, and the BeSlim Optimal Kit. Every kit comes with snacks that are approved by Medifast, and they include bars, shakes, and some pancakes too.
  • Two-Week Product Packages: These are packages that come with various Medifast meals, which should be taken for two weeks.
  • Four-Week Product Packages: Here, you will get kits that contain a variety of meals to take you for four weeks.
  • Weight-Loss Meals: In this case, you will get meals that are rich in nutrients to help you with your weight loss journey. They include eggs, cereal crunch, soups, smoothies, bars, pancakes, healthy drinks, as well as oatmeal.
  • Lean and Green Meals: These meals include beef stew, chicken with rice & veggies, turkey meatball marina, and chicken cacciatore. Typically, there are a lot of products that have a blend of different ingredients. For the formulated products, they come with a range of natural ingredients, while the meals are naturally prepared as well.

Luckily, you get a detailed video that guides you on how to make the specific meal suggested in the program. The only negative thing about it is that you’ll not get the exact recipe for the meal. Probably the company does this for the sake of retaining originality in the meal preparation. It could also be a way of making you depend on them for the preparation of the meals. All in all, the videos are easy to understand, and you will be sure of benefiting a lot in the long run.

Benefits of Take Shape For Life

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Honestly, there are a lot of benefits of using the Take Shape For Life program. On one side, you will be enjoying a swift weight loss journey, and on the other, you’ll have an opportunity to earn money through them. Here is a wrap-up of the benefits of using TSFL:

  • It simplifies the weight loss journey by giving you helpful tips/guides
  • You will be sure of a safe plan that is scientifically formulated by experts
  • It educates you on the healthy habits you should apply in your life
  • It gives you a chance to work as a health coach and earn money as an affiliate member
  • It allows the user to get help from a personal Health Coach. Whatever you need, you can ask your personal TSFL health coach for assistance.
  • The products are formulated to boost your energy levels
  • It enhances your physical fitness
  • You will be connected to an active and interactive online community
  • There’s an online library to offer you further information
  • You get to talk to a nurse or a doctor when you need to
  • It gives you an easy time because the meals are already prepared for you.
Who’s The Ideal Candidate?

Anybody can use this product, mostly if you want to make your weight loss journey easy and enjoyable. Specifically, it is perfect for a person with a busy schedule. If you always don’t get time to prepare your food and you are always on the go, then this is a perfect program for you. You wouldn’t have to worry about the preparation of the meals since there are videos to help you with it. All in all, anyone can use this program without any limitations.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

So is the program worth buying? Honestly, it is. You will be sure of having an easy time meeting your weight-loss goals. The meals are designated to take you throughout the day, and you won’t have to worry about the preparation. However, for the home meals, you still have a helping hand as there are various tutorial videos for every meal that needs preparation at home. The only problem is that you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets to maintain these meal plans. A single kit can cost you $200 or more. Luckily, you get a lot of information and help with your weight loss in return. So yes, if you're willing to pay some extra dollars for the sake of a healthy life, then you should try out this program.

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