Why Should You Write For Calories Fit?

Write For UsWe have more than 10,000's of visitors per month, and our audience keeps on growing day by day. Your message will reach our targeted audience who are simply health and wellness readers. We are providing an opportunity to writer and contributors to work with us. You can publish informative, inspiring and educational content through us. If you can create an excellent post using any topic from health, body and beauty tips, then you are definitely in the right place

Our pay is based on competitive rates. We allow our writers to promote their sites and businesses at their conveniences. We ensure that all our writers get competitive rates and also have marketing opportunities. We can be reached by its readers through social media, search engine, and many other mediums. Our first growing community can help you have the recognition you have always wanted.

Guidelines for Calories Fit Writers:

Original content: All our posts must be original, and they cannot be traced anywhere else online. We encourage our contributors to be creative, and they should be in a position to come up with original contents. We encourage our writers to avoid plagiarism always. All this is because our posts are not usually published or distributed to other sites.

Word count: Our posts are between 800 and 2500 words. This is our standard word count.

Tone: Your content should be able to capture the reader’s attention. They should be written in a positive tone. You can refer to our previous posts published on this website to have an idea of what we need.

Captivating and brief first paragraph: The first paragraph is usually crucial. It should be very captivating to get the reader’s attention. The first paragraph should also be brief, and it should give the reader an idea of what to expect in the rest of the article.

Don’t use unnecessary words: Our writers should review their articles before submitting them. This will enable you to remove unnecessary words in the articles. This will ensure that the readers get the message quickly.

Don’t use statements such as “in my opinion”: We do not allow our writers to use phrases such as “in my opinion.” Such statement brings about individuality. Your posts should engage the readers, and you should support your message.

Use plain English: Use English that is clear and use straightforward expressions. This is because some of our readers may be new to what you are discussing in the articles. Your content should be simple to understand to any of our readers. When writing your articles, you should assume that you are new to health and wellness topics.

Provide bio and headshot: We encourage our writers to submit a short bio and headshot that will be used in their articles. You can simply send your bio and headshot to us. Bios and headshots can be a great way of advertising your site or even business.

Site sources you use: While writing an article, you may refer to some sources. In case you refer to a statistic or study, you should provide a link to the sources you used. This will enable our readers to follow up on the information presented in your article. This is also necessary when the readers need more information regarding the idea you are talking about in your article.

Acknowledgements: We have the rights to either publish or not publish your articles. We can also modify your articles when the need arises. By writing for us, you simply agree that we can edit your articles. Our staff may edit any article as per their discretion.

Benefits For Our Writers

We have flexible working hours, and you are expected to contribute regularly. You can earn from your writing once your content is approved and attracts views. If you can write engaging and authoritative contents, then this is the place to make money. We will pay you for your time and effort. We also appetite your feedback and suggestions to improve this site.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor for our site, please send us an email or get in touch with us on our contact us caloriesfit@gmail.com

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