Zyppah: The Ideal Remedy For Snoring

Zyppah: The Snoring Solution

Anti-snoring devices are developed in different forms, but they all perform one major function: to stop snoring while you sleep. Out of the many anti-snoring devices available on the market, Zyppah stands among the best, thanks to its features and functionality.

Can the Zyppah Really Stop Snoring Instantly?

This is a Mandibular Advancement Device that has an appealing design and color. It comes with a unique working mechanism that helps to reduce and even eliminate snoring as you sleep. The design helps to stabilize the tongue, and also adjust the jaw to limit snoring.

It comes with two plastics that are both latex and BPA-free. Other than that, the product is 100% American and has been approved by the FDA.

What makes it worth purchasing is the fact that it has been developed by a former dentist, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. The developer worked in the dental field for close to 30 years, which has helped him come up with a device that can actually solve the snoring problem. Other than his experience in the dental field, he spent almost ten years studying sleep apnea and snoring for him to find the perfect remedy for them. After studying the major causes of snoring, he developed Zyppah to counter the causes without affecting the comfort of the user.

Therefore, Zyppah is developed by a professional that has applied his skills and experience to make it efficient enough.

Zyppah Review: Does It Work?

As mentioned, Zyppah works with a unique mechanism that allows it to reduce and eliminate the main causes of snoring. Basically, it works in two major methods:

ZyppahJaw Advancement: First off, the device targets one of the major causes of snoring, which is the vibration of the loose tissue. When the loose tissues vibrate as you sleep, they will cause you to snore. What Zyppah does is to push down the jaw, which then allows the mouth to open for easy breathing. It will push the lower jaw forward and open up the airway in the neck as well. As a result, the tissues around the jaw and neck will be tightened further, which means you will be less likely to snore.

Tongue Stabilization: The other way Zyppah reduces snoring is by stabilizing the tongue. It comes with a strap that is designed to make the tongue stable and reduce its movement as you sleep. This tongue strap is also referred to as the revolutionary Z-flex Technology by the developers. It is the elastic band located at the end of the device. The main aim of this strap is to hold the tongue in its place and prevent the back of the throat from falling back. Also, this will ensure that the tongue doesn't block the airway. Since a blocked airway can also cause snoring, this device uses the elastic strap to keep the airway open and let you breathe freely.

How is Zyppah Different?

Several factors make this product stand out of other anti-snoring devices, and they include the following:

A Unique Design: One major feature that makes this device unique is its stylish design. The design looks like an athlete’s mouthpiece. The device comes in different versions and colors, but the most common color is the black and neon green. Some users relate it

You might not find the rubber band as comfortable as such when you wear it for the first time. However, this gets more comfortable after a few nights. Make sure you wear it properly to make it comfortable throughout the night. According to the developers, how you wear the device will determine if you will experience any discomfort or not. That's why it is advised to follow the user instructions carefully.

Boil and Bite Technique: This is yet another aspect that makes the device unique. This technique was applied to give the device a customized fit, which is comfortable enough to wear as you sleep.

zypaah-freeThe device is very much easy to use, making it a top choice. To use it, you simply have to drop it into hot water to let it soften. After a few minutes, it will be soft enough and ready for you to put it in the mouth. Once done, you will have to bite on the soft pad, which will then make your teeth impression on it.

When the device is cooling down, it will adapt to your dental formula to remain comfortable throughout the night. That is why the technique is called Boil and Bite {You boil and bite it to form a customized teeth impression}.

However, the product doesn’t have a recessed tray that directs the teeth to the perfect position. Even without the recessed tray, this product still functions well at reducing and eliminating snoring. Usually, the devices with a recessed tray are easy to use since you will not have to dip it into hot water. Remember to follow the user instructions for you to experience the promised results. The best way to ensure the device fits perfectly is by using a mirror to help you fit it in the mouth. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you handle the device to avoid germs infections.

Keep in mind that it might take you around five to seven days to get accustomed to wearing the device, especially due to the tongue stabilizer. However, on the second week, you will find it more comfortable to wear it. Even though some claim that it is somewhat uncomfortable to wear this device, they also mention how it perfectly helped to solve snoring.

Basically, Zyppah is a unique mouthpiece that is designed to help you reduce and eliminate snoring. It is also easy to use, comfortable and has been customized to fit the mouth of any user. You will bite on the soft pad, and it will take the shape of your teeth. The adjustability feature makes this product worth purchasing.

Price and Warranty

ZyppahThe price is relatively fair, though some similar products are less-expensive. Just like any other product sold online, Zyppah should also be purchased from the official website, http://zyppah.com/. It goes for $89.95, though you will have to add an extra $9.95 when shipping to a US address. However, you'll need to pay an extra $18.95 if it is shipped outside America.

In total, you end up spending around $100 plus shipping if you are in America, and around $110 plus shipping fee if you are outside America. So you might ask if this product is worth the money. Honestly, it is worth every dollar, especially because it has a decent design and a unique working mechanism. The two-in-one mechanism will perfectly solve your snoring and give you an easy time when you wear it.

It might be expensive than other similar products on the market, but it surely delivers as promised by the developers. The best part is that you get a 90-day money back guarantee with every purchase. What does that mean? It implies that you will get all your money back if you don’t notice changes in 90 days from the day you initially purchased the product.

SnoreRx vs Zyppah: What Makes SnoreRx Unique?

SnoreRx vs ZyppahOne of the major competitors of Zyppah is SnoreRX, and it has a decent customer review as well. There are some features that make SnoreRX score highly against Zyppah.

The guarantee/warranty is one of the factors that put SnoreRX ahead. SnoreRX comes with a better option in terms of the warranty. You get a free trial when you purchase the product, and you are also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Both products go for roughly $100, but SnoreRX has a better offer since the price is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Other than the free trial/risk-free purchase, SnoreRX has a lifespan of up to 15 months. Compared to Zyppah and other snore guards, it can be trusted to last for long. If you are to use the product for 15 months, you can still enjoy the value for money since it delivers as promised.

The customer support of SnoreRX is also perfect, thanks to the worry-free price and the assured money back guarantee. On the other hand, Zyppah has a good BBB rating, though the customer support is not as excellent as that of SnoreRX.

Who Should Purchase Zyppah?

No one is restricted to use this device, though it is also not designed to be used as the regular athlete's mouth guard. This device is made for those that have a problem with snoring when they sleep. If you are obese or a senior and you have snoring problems, then you should consider purchasing this device. There are no any health risks linked with this device, so it is safe to use. You don’t have to purchase this product if you don’t have snoring problems.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

So is Zyppah worth purchasing? Yes, you can confidently purchase this product and enjoy a snore-free night. It is designed to adjust to the dental structure of your teeth, which then enhances the comfort when you wear it. The device is easy to use, though you must follow the user instruction carefully for you to enjoy its delivery. You will be covered by a 90-day money back guarantee when you purchase this product, so there really is nothing to lose. It has been developed by a former dentist, which means it has a higher chance of working as promised.

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